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Fluffo is a new concept for creating cosy interiors. All Fluffo products are covered with a velvet soft finish made up of tiny colourful fibres. Fluffo panels will transform your interior into an elegant, cosy space. Go on, cuddle up!

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Fluffo is a masterpiece of elegant and creative design. Just a few elements will transform the character of your entire interior.

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All Fluffo products absorb soundeff ectively, owing to the sound absorbent materials they are produced from. The soundproofing properties of our panels were tested in the accredited Acoustic Laboratory of the Marine Technology Institute in Gdansk.

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Fluffo panels come in many complex shapes, sizes and colours. They have both decorative and acoustic applications. The numerous stencils, and a few dozen colours to choose from, give you the freedom to create any combination, possibilities are endless.

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