The installation of the Fluffo panels is simple, quick and clean. You can do it yourself with no problem. We enclose the installation manual to each shipment.

In short: a thin layer of the adhesive, should be applied, with the use of a cartridge applicator gun, to the outline of the panel; then press the panel firmly into place – and you are done. After application of the adjacent panels, you have 30 minutes to adjust their position. It’s really easy.

See film: Fluffo SOFT mounting instructions

We are always ready to help and provide advice during panel installation. Call us at any time +48 502 552 392

In Poland we provide installation service. Please contact us for details.


Fluffo Fix is available in our Fluffo offer – it is a tested, odourless adhesive with high initial bonding and minimal shrinkage intended Fluffo panel mounting. The great advantage of this adhesive is that it remains flexible up to 30 minutes, which allows the adjustment of the position and fit of the panels during the installation in order to obtain the perfect effect.

Fluffo Fix contains a special penetrating agent, thus there is no need for special wall preparation before panel installation. Just make sure that the wall is relatively even and free of dust.


Fluffo SOFT mounting manual


The installation of the Fluffo IZO panels is not complicated either. In short: apply wide, vertical and horizontal strips of the adhesive on the entire back surface of the panel with the use of a cartridge applicator gun. The adhesive strips should be 3 cm apart. Then place the panel on the wall and apply pressure with your hand. As long as you use the right adhesive – although the panel is quite heavy – it will not fall off.

Mount panels close to one another so that you donot leave crevices between them.Please note that you should cover the whole wall with Fluffo IZO panels.
Panels located close to the ceiling and the parallel walls can be easily cut – all you need is a sharp utility knife.
At your request we can provide an installation service. Please contact us and we will estimate the cost of such service.


For Fluffo IZO panel mounting we recommend the universal adhesive, which has strong initial bonding. Mamut or HighTackadhesive by DenBraven will do the job. We use them ourselves and they work exceptionally well