Design and estimate


Can’t make up your mind as to the wall arrangement, don’t know how many panels you might require or need a quotation of your order – call or write us, we are always happy to help. Use the form available on our site or write to

We prepare the designs of panel arrangements at no charge. In order to begin the procedure, we would need your answers to the following questions: what are your ideas for the wall? What are the dimensions of the wall you would like to cover with our panels? What are your suggestion as to the model or models we are to consider? What is the colour scheme you’d feel most comfortable with? We welcome photos of the wall in question, as well as any inspirational arrangements, that you found on our site or in the internet. The more information and tips we gather from you, the closer we will be to meet your expectations. We will prepare several options and we will finalise the chosen design so that it is truly what you wanted. We will also prepare a detailed order estimate, with installation services when needed.

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