About Fluffo

Go on, cuddle up!


Cold. Hard. Plain. Boring. So close and yet so far away. Those are the walls of our homes, offices and corridors…

Why won’t we touch a wall just like we touch a soft leather armchair, a plush pillow or even a solid wooden table? The truth is that the wall is not welcoming to the touch. It is what it is – a wall.

Fluffo changes everything. Fluffo is soft, velvety and warm.

Oh, go on, cuddle up!


Fluffo panels come in the form of carefully designed, colourful shapes, which are always true – a square is a square, and a circle is a circle.

Each model is unique, they will always produce a magnificent design, and what’s most important – it will always be soft and cuddly to the touch.

Even though the panels are soft and flexible, they seem exceptionally strong and durable to the touch.

Fluffo SOFT panels are produced from flexible, dense polyurethane foam. The foam is a modern product, neutral to the users and resistant to ageing. They’re soft. You won’t be able to refrain from touching them.
All our products are covered with the Fluffo finish resembling velvet. This is the trait they share. This is our trademark.
Each of the shapes are designed in such a way that they create an original pattern, the crevices between the panels are an integral part of the design


Right from the start we invited young, promising designers to take part in the Fluffo project. In the beginning it was Paulina and Oskar. They designed our first Fluffo panel collection in 2012.

Two years later, following the principle „don’t use the colour straight from the tube”, we created our first „mature” colour palette with Agnieszka. Our greys quickly won the hearts of many designers.

It is time to take a step forward. In 2017 we have begun our cooperation with Asia Kabala, who has designed a large format Fluffo ART collection for us. Those pieces of functional art please the eyes and calm the ears of many Polish and European office workers.

Joanna Kabala:

Graduate of the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz and Warsaw. During her bachelor degree studies, she attended a semester at the Libera Accademia di Belle Art in Brescia, Italy. She was the finalist of the Young Design 2017 contest, and a winner of several other prizes for design projects includingone for the city of Poznan. When working on a project she foremost values knowledge. She primarily designs objects intended for public and office spaces.


Beautiful, colours are the trade mark of all Fluffo products. We spent a lot of time creating the new colour palette, making it our hallmark. At a first glance it is not obvious, it’s different than the colour sets you might be used to. It will win you over with its originality, striking melanges and fine nuances.

Colour pairing is our strong suit. Most of our colours can be mixed with one another, even the not so obvious combinations match. Secret lies in our formulas for the particular colours.

Most of our colours are melanges, which were created through basic colour blending. Some of the colours contain as many as 8 pure colours. That is why most colours match – they share the “genes” with a colour from a different palette.
In some of the Fluffo colours their melange structure is very visible. The colour shimmers with varied colour shades and depending on the angle of incidence of light it can take on different hues.
Best way to choose a colour is to see it live. We have colour samplers available, they contain samples of actual colour, which we apply to our panels. Our distributors have the colour samplers available, you can also get them directly from us. Simply contact us.

Go on, get to it!


All Fluffo products have acoustic properties characterised by high sound absorption coefficient. They work perfectly in spaces, which require the improvement of overall interior acoustics: there is a problem with echo, reverberation or noise.

Our experience shows that covering as little as 20 to 40% of walls with Fluffo panels will work wonders within a room with a reverberation problem. The echoes are reduced and the room becomes cosy and quiet.

The acoustic properties of our products were tested in an accredited research institute.

The sound absorption coefficient of Fluffo SOFT, Fluffo ART, Fluffo GLASS αw = 0,80; Fluffo FIRE RESIST αw = 0,55.

We don’t conceal anything. The cards are on the table!


When there is a problem with outside noise penetrating your walls (noisy neighbour, rowdy office kitchenette next to your office) Fluffo IZO: specially designed, multilayer, decorative, sound insulating wall panels, will be the answer.

Fluffo IZO is the alternative to the classic solution – considerable refurbishment, mess and commotion with the installation of an insulating wall constructed from plaster board, insulation membrane and mineral wool; finished with filling, sanding and painting.

Fluffo IZO is available in 5 shapes and 52 colours.

Silence at last!

DOWNLOAD the results of the acoustic tests of Fluffo SOFT and Fluffo FIRE RESIST

pdf Sound absorption test results Fluffo FIRE-RESIST


We focus on choice, variety and individual approach.

We are going against the trend of optimisation, because we want you to decide which product, shape and colour you fancyin your interior. We offer almost 6500 combinations of product shapes, thicknesses and colours. The possibilities are endless. However, should you not find your dream option among those we offer, we will produce it to your individual order.

We are flexible.


„Invented, designed and produced in Poland”. We stress this fact as we are proud that Fluffo is a truly Polish brand. This is also our commitment to the best quality and aesthetics of the Fluffo products.

We learn from the experience and the know-how of the best in the industry. The components we use to manufacture our products come from renowned Polish, German, Swiss and Italian suppliers.Our products have the appropriate certificates of the National Institute of Public Health – National Instituteof Hygiene.

Since the beginning of our activity we have produced over 200 000 panels. Fluffo is expertise, knowledge and know-how, but most of all it’s incredible people, who make it happen. We are delighted that our panels decorate offices and homes not only in Poland, but also throughout Europe. Fluffo has won the trust of the largest international corporations. We do not brag with their logos, it is enough that we hear a “thank you” after each completed project.


Fluffo is manufactured in our factory in Borzecin Duzy near Warsaw. Before the panel reaches you to decorate your wall, it undergoes several production processes; during which at least 5 people work on each individual piece.

The main part of the production process is done manually. The technological process – even though known for decades – is extremely difficult to automate.  It has its merits: thanks to it we can offer the wide range of product, shape, thickness and colour combinations.

Fluffo. Invented, designed and produced in Poland.